Join us for the biggest nightly light show on the Mississippi River. At the top of each hour after sundown until the 10pm finale. It illuminates Big River Crossing and the Hernando de Soto Bridge, visible from the riverfront from Martyrs Park to Fourth Bluff as well as elevated locations throughout Downtown Memphis.


Because of its massive size and scope

the “M” bridge surface area equals other robust Philips Lighting installations such as San Francisco’s Bay Bridge.

The lights can introduce millions of colors and pattern designs. They are synchronized and coordinated to achieve dramatic effects. The lights on Big River Crossing have introduced physical connectivity between Downtown Memphis and Arkansas, and the enhanced Hernando de Soto bridge lights visually connect Memphis’ mile-long riverfront. (The lights are directed outward from the roadways, however, so drivers on the de Soto Bridge are not affected.)

Memphis Bridge Lighting Inc. is committed to not only a successful lighting installation, but also a proactive sustainability effort. Mighty Lights recognizes special occasions through custom cause or corporate colors, and builds partnerships with Downtown stakeholders and institutions whose own narratives can add value and voice to our mission.