What time does the light show start/END?

The approximately ten-minute long Mighty Lights show begins at the top and middle of each hour after sundown until the 10pm finale.

Where is the best place to view the lights?

Big River Crossing and Hernando De Soto Bridge are visible from the riverfront from Martyrs Park to Fourth Bluff as well as elevated locations throughout Downtown Memphis.

where is the best place to park for the light show?

Ample parking options are available on the cross-streets off Riverside Drive.

Is there an audio simulcast with the Mighty Lights? Can my organization create one?

We don’t broadcast any music in connection with Mighty Lights and aren’t currently planning to add this functionality, but there are plenty of local favorites for you to enjoy while you watch.

can I request a custom light show?

Mighty Lights illuminates Big River Crossing and Hernando de Soto Bridge for organizations, events, and causes that matter to our community. As a privately funded 501(c)3 organization, Mighty Lights uses the revenue from these requests to help support the operation of the bridge lights. If you are interested in customizing the nightly display, please review our sponsorship information.

It’s between sundown and 10pm – why are the bridge lights off?

Due to high barge activity on the Mississippi River, the U.S. Coast Guard occasionally turns off the bridge lights to allow barges to pass underneath with maximum visibility.